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About STENZEL Company

The mission of the Stenzel Ltd. is delivery of mobile robotics technology solutions for educational, scientific, hobby and industrial market. Now the main company business activity area is educational and hobby market. The flagship of the company is didactical mobile six legged robot HEXOR® addressed for educational and scientific customers. The company customers are technical colleges and technical universities in central Europe and United States. In Poland the company has strong market position, supported many press publications. The Stenzel Ltd. is unique commercial-scientific venture in the area of central Europe.

STENZEL Ltd. Business Objectives

Our products and services are relating to Mechatronic, Electronic and Software Engineering are focused on:

  • Power delivery and saving system for mobile robots,
  • Propulsion systems, electrical drives and kinematics solutions for mobile robotics,
  • Microcontrollers and microprocessors control systems, software for embedded systems,
  • Sensors and actuators for mobile robots and data acquisition systems,
  • Control and visualization software based on graphical user interface,
  • Artificial intelligence solutions using neural networks, genetic algorithms and fuzzy logic,
  • Voice and image recognition, natural language processing for mobile robots.

Stenzel Ltd. History

Stenzel ltd. was established in 2002 as a technological company connected with organization structure of Silesian University of Technology Electrical Engineering Faculty. The authorized share capital of the company was gained form the first prize of business plan competition "My Idea of Business". The donator of the prize was GZE, the company of Swedish corporation Vattenfall. The prototype of HEXOR® robot research and project work was partially funded by private investor from the IT line and from the means transferred by the Vattenfall corporation.

Company Employees

According to the current project requirements the Stenzel Ltd. hires full time or part time engineering staff. The company cooperators are highly qualified and experienced engineers and scientist, mostly from the Silesian University of Technology. Computer Aided Design of mechanical elements and electronic printed board, computer programming, simulation and modeling are the company employee competences.


My Idea of Business

The Leader of Innovation

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