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HexorThe HEXOR® Project

Robot HEXOR® has been designed as a teaching aid for schools and research institutions and also as a kit for numerous enthusiasts, who are keen on robotics, informatics and electronics issues.

What can we learn with the HEXOR® robot?

  • Principle of operation of every module or system,
  • Microcontrollers programming, peripheral devices (sensors and servos) access methods,
  • Developing control algorithms on various control levels.

How students can develop their skills?

The Students, using the robots as a learning aid, can develop many skills demanded by the contemporary job market:

  • Designing and prototyping of electromechanical, electric and electronic modules,
  • Software engineering, control systems programming,
  • Project management and documentation,
  • Team working abilities.

Open product
Why HEXOR® is attractive research object?

It is an open product. The user has the possibility of familiarize with structure and operation as well as possibility of changing them. The user has at his disposal the modern (real) microprocessor controller and may create his own program in for example: Basic, Assembler, C language Java etc.

The Robot electronic control system gives a possibility to add new modules, for example: speech recognition modules or additional sensors like for example acceleration sensor.

The users has possibility of design and create his own modules which widens an operation area of the robot.

Control system created for HEXOR® allows a control of walking, wheeled or humanoid robot. This circuit tightly cooperates with robot built-in or remote PC computer.

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